50 Shades of Criticism

April 9, 2013 Point of Views 2

Have I read the book? Yes……

Did I like the book? No ….

So, if you don’t mind indulging me a bit, let me tell you why.

50 shades of grey

50 Shades of Grey has set the literary world on fire. There have been mixed feelings, mass hate and the I love 50 Shades bandwagon. Either way it has made Erika Leonard, you will know her better by her pseudo name E.L James, a very wealthy person. Feel Bad? I do and I never even gave her my money.

I wish Mrs Leonard would find herself a really great editor. She needs it.  The books are crazy stupid. Ever wonder what it would sound like if your junior high kid wrote a sex novel? I bet not, cause that is kinda weird and wrong on to many levels even for me. Either way her books sound TO ME like they were written by a teenager who didn’t pay attention in grammar class. The over use of phrases is astonishing and many people have actually counted how many times a phrase or word were used. Most notably on Goodreads, reviewer Katrina Passick  did just that and the overuse of words kills me and my thesaurus.


The original fan fic was called Master of the Universe, that is cringe worthy and demeaning to the real master of the universe…He-Man. It amazes me that even after she edited her work and by edit I mean change the main characters names and extend/cut a few minor scenes. For the most part it is still the same book. The site Dear Author inserted the work into a plagiarism tool to decide how much of 50 Shades of Grey had been changed from its original format.

The results are staggering. Appalling even. Seeing as Mrs Leonard doesn’t like to talk about the fact it was fan fiction and we kinda know why now. TurnItIn, the plagiarism tool, gave it a 89%. Meaning it is the same work. Only a few things had been changed. Publishing power house Vintage even defended it by saying that it was once based on fan fic but had been reworked to have no similarities of its origin material.

Here comes the reason for my hate of these books. I don’t believe for one moment that E.L. JamesMrs. Leonard is the shy, embarrassed person she made herself out to be in the Time interview she did in March 2012. I have watched too many videos of the supposed elusive author. That made me giggle because in the beginning she wasn’t going to do interviews and be secretive and now she is everywhere and she isn’t very shy. Pompous, arrogant and if she rolls her eyes one more time in an interview I may scream. Ha! Ana rolls her eyes allot too so guess we know where she got that from.

She did say in an interview with Katie Couric   on why she wrote the books. She said  “I wrote the books for me. It’s my fantasy.  hmm.. Really!  Basically she wants a relationship with a person that is a wealthy, young and incredibly scary. Ana says it herself in the book that she was scared of him but that turns her on. I have never once been turned on by someone who scares me. Yuck. That to me is not healthy.


So here is my list of why I don’t like this book. Everyone loves lists so here is mine:

  1. Lets me honest here. Do you really think that this book would have ever made it to the bestsellers list if it had not rode the coattails of the Twilight Saga? I don’t think so because of many issues most likely being poorly written, grammar gone wild and no real development of characters.
  2. It breaks every rule of bdsm. Safe words are exactly that SAFE. Meaning I can get out of a situation that I am uncomfortable with and my partner will stop. This doesn’t happen in the book. I found a really great article over at Divine Caroline that is very informative about the myths that have arisen about bdsm since the publishing of 50 shades.
  3. Young adults have enough crap to worry about without adding abusive relationships. I’m sorry but this book just lends itself to the its ok everyone is doing it lemming cliff.  Women who read this and believe that you can change a man if you only put up with his crap and wait it out are sadly mistaken.  No sweetie, it’s not healthy, it’s not good and you really need to read the pamphlet in the Dr’s office about abusive relationships.
  4. Makes me angry that there are dozens and dozens of really great, talented and amazing authors that are overshadowed. They deserve just as much hype as Leonard does. They write original work and don’t take shortcuts. They work there butts off through social media to get their work noticed. They organize virtual book tours, send out copies of their books to bloggers willing to read and review it. IT JUST NOT FAIR! I know, I know, Life isn’t fair but it can still irk me.

and lastly…

There is some really good, well written, positive and refreshing erotic fiction out there. I do not read erotica. It’s not my cup of tea. I love words and books and usually am able to read anything but erotic fiction is in a class by itself and it takes a special person to write it and to read it. I commend those that are able to do that. Now if you are wanting to read more go check World Literary Cafe. They now have a special erotic section.


I hope you see that I am not bashing this book. I just see so many flaws with it. It shows how the media really does influence what we buy and read.

To simply put it.Bookstory hates 50 Shades of Grey

You can wrap the 50 shades of Grey trilogy up in pretty wrapping with beautiful bows You can take it out into the world and tell everyone how great it is. You can lie, You can tell the masses what they want to hear, and how to feel.  But at the end of the day…. it will always be 50 Shades of Crap to me.

2 Responses to “50 Shades of Criticism”

  1. J. Rose Allister

    Great insights. I personally couldn’t get past Chapter 1, but I saw enough and have read sufficient full-book recaps to get why it appealed to the masses despite taking so much flak. They dysfunction in the book isn’t much different from the Twilight series, really. And while some are loathe to mention it, there are a fair number in the BDSM community who don’t use “safe words”. Is it a responsible message? Arguably not. (Then again, a whole lot of erotica isn’t necessarily responsible either.) But is there some truth to it? Of course.

    If nothing else, looking at this book subjectively could be a good cautionary tale about diving into a D/s relationship.

    Oh gee, I almost forgot! I found your great blog through the WLC Blog Follows on the World Literary Cafe! Great to connect!
    J. Rose Allister recently posted…That First Kiss-Snippet SundayMy Profile

  2. Niramisa Weiss

    Wouldn’t go near a book that promises to OK violence, however subtle, in relationships. I’m not surprised to hear about the immature writing either.
    Niramisa Weiss recently posted…Dogs on stringsMy Profile